Slow is beautiful

26 08 2007

This blog is aimed to report my trip to Asia on my bicicyle(known as Dawy)  on a worldwide scale and give the chance to other people (friends ,family and even travel acquaintances) to get  to know about it.

About 4 years ago, I met a guy who was telling me how he wanted to travel the world by bicycle,at first I thought it was “ideally” a very cool thing to do,  but also  very crazy  . I mean, why do you need a bike to travel around the world?Why making things more complicated by having to worry about  health, safety and even gear more than a normal simple backpacking trip ??What is wrong with the local transport??

Travelling by bicycle means being forced to travel “slowly” ,which allows to explore the country inn a more genuine  way. Hence, being often off the beaten track in small villages where a backpacker would hardly end up on his tourist route .
Ttravelling in this way might also mean that the traveller,being away from the tourist bubble, will be  more likely to interact with the local community and meet more locals .
This is the way I attempt to travel.Being freely independent but trying to live the country as an insider rather than as an outsider.

Before leaving I made a lot  of reaserach for  nearly a year by reading  about these sort of trips (bike equipment, camping equipment,countries info,bicycle mechanic etc..) and going to bike shops during my lunch hour , whilst that “crazy” idea was becoming more concrete and real in my head day after day

I flew to Japan (Tokyo ) on the 6 September 2007 and  headed to South Korea,Easter and Southern China,Vietnam,Laos,Nepal to eventually end  in India (Delhi)  on the  21 June 2008.